The Orchard

In addition to our wonderful line of Jams & Jellies, we are working to actively establish an orchard. Although it is in it’s infancy, we see a bright future ahead!

We currently raise Raspberries, Elderberries, Blueberries, and Rhubarb (from our grandfather’s plant) as well as a variety of fresh vegetables.

In early 2016 we added Beech Plum and Highbush cranberries to our selection of fruits.

In 2017 we added Black Currants, Quince, Cascade & Centennial hops.

Our future production plans include stone fruits and apples to go along with our Wealthy Apple tree, and hope to see production from them within the next 5-7 years.


We are constantly looking for new and improved ways to bring you the freshest produce and welcome ideas on how we can improve and grow!

We look forward to serving you!